About Us

Deyako (LTD)

Deyako knowledge ware company established in 2018 in order to promote the knowledge and cultural disciplines in world by trying to prepare knowledge-based products in the worldwide network, software, and physical production as well as consulting other organization.

We start our company by providing Software (Small and easy to use software) and we are trying to improve our company by going forward to make all other type of knowledge base products (E-Learning courses, Analytics websites, scientific products and so on)

We believe all humans in the world has equal rights and they should help each other to have healthy, progressive life without any war or confliction. Humans are not only responsible for their life, they also responsible for all animals, plants and the environment, which they live in, and they should gain knowledge and applying continues improvement in the living world.

We can restore the purity and integrity in the earth by using just one oldest and simple Zoroastrian quote “Good talk, good thought and good deed” and we should “learn, teach and do” in continues manner.

Company details

Website: http://www.deyako.co.uk

Headquarters: England – Uk

Email: [email protected]

phone: +445603868484

Year founded: 2018

Company type: Limited By Shares (Private LTD)


e-learning, software development, consulting

Armin Keshavarzi


Business Analyst

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Arash Keshavarzi

Co-Founder & Director

Computer and programming science

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Ali Ghourchi


Construction Engineering Management

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