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Remove or edit empty or missed data in Excel

When your data set contains some cells that you don’t want them to be in your data set, then by using this tool you can choose to remove or replace those cells.

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First you need to define which cells should be searched (for removing or replacing). For example, we can find empty cells, or cells that have just space character. Also you can define to find cells that contains some character or cells that exactly equal to something (searching is case sensitive)

then you need to select the desired operation to be done after finding cells. these operations are as follow:

  1. Remove entire row: when Excel finds a cell with matched criteria, then it will remove the whole row related to that cell (good for removing all empty cells or missed data in data set)
  2. Remove entire Column: when Excel finds a cell with matched criteria, then it will remove the whole column related to that cell ( good for removing columns or variables that are not desired)
  3. Replacing the cell value with custom character:  you can enter any character that you want (number or words or other), then when Excel finds a cell with matched criteria, your entered character will be replaced with old character.
  4. Replacing with average number: when your data set is numerical, you can choose to replace the missed cells with average number of previous and next (or above and below) cells .
  5. Replacing with other cells value: Can choose to replacing the missed value of your data set be replaced by previous, next, above or below cells values.

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