Stock Portfolio Management


This Excel file help you to manage your stock portfolio in the time you buy, hold or sell companies shares. You can manage your short time to long time investments and calculating total profit gained in by trading stocks. Also you are able to maintain all your notes which you conclude from your company analyze (fundamental or technical). You will have reports of your active portfolio, costs, revenues and gained profit (based on each company, dates and total). This software is developed in Microsoft Excel based on Macro (VBA programming), so it’s really easy to use and can be manipulated as you need (because it’s just Excel).

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This Excel file should be used by Microsoft Excel 2013, 2016 or above


software is developed for managing stock portfolio of stock market. When you buy companies share, you want to know how many, in what price, when, and why you bought those shares and when you sell them, you want to know how many in what price, when and why you sold them. In this way, you can track how much you gain by buying, holding and selling shares, and what was your decision and what you have to do in future. This software allows you to maintain all your data of trading stocks and having your conclusion of your previous analyze. Also, you will see your active portfolio based on the time you bought the shares, and profit calculation will be automatically done based on your sell time.

This software, which is developed in Microsoft Excel by using VBA programming in Macros, enables you to manage your stock trades and all notes (reasons to buying, holding or selling).

Since this software is developed in Microsoft Excel. User can use all Excel tools in order to go deeper in the analyze.

This software has below capabilities:

  • Submit the pre-purchase conclusion of analyze (fundamental or technical).
  • Submit the date, price, amount, broker costs and the reason to buy
  • Submit the date, price, amount, and type of events occurred during holding the share
  • Submit the date, price, amount, broker costs and reason to sell
  • Submit the notes on company (summarized analyze of company)
  • Navigating through all information that are submitted previously
  • Having report of active stocks in portfolio
  • Having report of Costs and revenues (based on each company and based on dates)
  • Having report of total and net profit

Also you can see the video instruction which is provided for you in the below


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