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This Excel file help you to use AHP method ( Analytic hierarchy process) for your decision making problem, you can use as many criteria and alternatives you want and do the data entry in very simple way. All the AHP procedure is automatic and you just need to enter data for upper triangular of pairwise matrixes. This software is developed in Microsoft Excel based on Macro (VBA programming), so it’s really easy to use and can be manipulated as you need (because it’s just Excels).

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This Excel file should be used on Windows OS, by Microsoft Excel 2013, 2016 or above


This software is developed in order to implement the Analytic hierarchy process ( AHP ). AHP is a very powerful method for solving multi-criteria decision making ( MCDM ) problems. This methos has a mathematical and logical based for solving a complex problems and because of that, its one of the popular method in decision making problems.

This software, which is developed in Microsoft Excel by using VBA programming in Macros, enables you to generate pairwise comparison matrixes automatically, these matrixes are base of decision making process in AHP algorithm. After generating these matrixes base on Criteria and alternatives, user just need to enter data for upper triangular of matrix (all other data will be entered automatically). And all analyze procedure will be calculated automatically as well.

The developed AHP algorithm in this software will calculate the weights of each criteria and alternatives based on Arithmetic Average and also the inconsistency ration will be calculated automatically for each criteria and for total problem.

Since this software is developed in Microsoft Excel. User can use all Excel tools in order to go deeper in the analyze or change the data for getting better consistency ration or even do the sensitive analyze.

This Excel file should be used on Windows OS, by Microsoft Excel 2013, 2016 or above

This software has below capabilities:

  • Generating pairwise matrixes automatically
  • Easy Data Entry wizard
  • Automatic calculation and Analyze
  • Getting PDF report

Also you can see the video instruction which is provided for you in the below


Based on Wikipedia article about AHP, this powerful method in decision making application are as follow:

“Part of Wikipedia text”

Decision situations to which the AHP can be applied include:

Choice – The selection of one alternative from a given set of alternatives, usually where there are multiple decision criteria involved.

Ranking – Putting a set of alternatives in order from most to least desirable

Prioritization – Determining the relative merit of members of a set of alternatives, as opposed to selecting a single one or merely ranking them

Resource allocation – Apportioning resources among a set of alternatives

Benchmarking – Comparing the processes in one’s own organization with those of other best-of-breed organizations

Quality management – Dealing with the multidimensional aspects of quality and quality improvement

Conflict resolution – Settling disputes between parties with apparently incompatible goals or positions

The applications of AHP to complex decision situations have numbered in the thousands, and have produced extensive results in problems involving planning, resource allocation, priority setting, and selection among alternatives. Other areas have included forecasting, total quality management, business process re-engineering, quality function deployment, and the balanced scorecard. Many AHP applications are never reported to the world at large, because they take place at high levels of large organizations where security and privacy considerations prohibit their disclosure. But some uses of AHP are discussed in the literature. Recently these have included:

Select a type of nuclear reactors (Politecnico di Milano)

Deciding how best to reduce the impact of global climate change (Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei)

Quantifying the overall quality of software systems (Microsoft Corporation)

Selecting university faculty (Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania)

Deciding where to locate offshore manufacturing plants (University of Cambridge)

Assessing risk in operating cross-country petroleum pipelines (American Society of Civil Engineers)

Deciding how best to manage U.S. watersheds (U.S. Department of Agriculture)

More Effectively Define and Evaluate SAP Implementation Approaches (SAP Experts)

Accelerated Bridge Construction Decision Making Tool to assist in determining the viability of accelerated bridge construction (ABC) over traditional construction methods and in selecting appropriate construction and contracting strategies on a case-by-case basis.

AHP is sometimes used in designing highly specific procedures for particular situations, such as the rating of buildings by historic significance. It was recently applied to a project that uses video footage to assess the condition of highways in Virginia. Highway engineers first used it to determine the optimum scope of the project, then to justify its budget to lawmakers.

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