Employees time sheet and payment management


This Excel file help you to manage employees time sheet and payments, in very easy, conventional and automatically manner in a spreadsheet environment. This software is developed in Microsoft Excel based on Macro (VBA programming), so it’s really easy to use and can be manipulated as you need (because it’s just Excels).

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This Excel file should be used on Windows OS, by Microsoft Excel 2013, 2016 or above


Managing employees time sheet is one of the first thing to do in every companies. When an employee come in and when he/she goes out, when has mission our off time, and so one. For doing this, even if you just have one employee, you will need a software for helping you to entering time stamps in easy and convention way, maintain the data for long time and get some reports from it. However, having such software can be expensive and will is not economically preferable for small business. By this reason, many small business use Excel spread sheet for managing their employees time sheet and payments. However, if you didn’t develop your spreadsheet in a good manner, after a while (when you have lots of data in it) it may loss its efficiency.

In this reason, we developed an Excel file (by using VBA programming and macros) to help you to enter different aspects of employee’s time sheet (for full time, part time, hourly person, project base) along with flexible time schedule for every employee (each employee can have same or different time schedule). Also you are able to manage their missions (daily and hourly missions), as well as their time off (daily and hourly employee leave time or company holiday time). At the end of each month, when you want to pay your personals, you just need to go to the sheet assumed in this software by name of “Wage form” and choose the payment month, after that, the payment for each employee will be calculate automatically, and you don’t need to put any effort to calculate it every month.

This Excel file should be used on Windows OS, by Microsoft Excel 2013, 2016 or above

This software has below capabilities:

  • Entering employee’s information by using a simple form
  • Having different employee type (Full time, part time, hourly person, project base)
  • Having flexible time schedule (each person can have its own working schedule)
  • Entering and maintain employees coming and going times in easy and comfortable manner
  • Managing employee missions and off times
  • Managing organizational holidays
  • Manage monthly payments (and automatically calculate the payments)

Also you can see the video instruction which is provided for you in the below


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